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Locking an unlocked modem? But with the modem i can make calls and receive calls. Not exactly what you want? Customers all over countries in Southeast Asia, Mid-east, South America, Africa, we also cooperate closely with communication, education, financial, commercial enterprise in China. You may consider adding web as username and password.

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Guys we write only to help you guys. If most people are asking to unlock the same dongle.

We will ship the items within working days after the payment confirmed. You must create a new settings for each provider you intend to use.

Did you unlocked it or not? Your modem should be unlocked after some seconds. Then your site for d post u wrote on that but could not help until i stumbled on one software i used to genereate the unlock code with the imei. Perhaps the software will do it using the same procedure.

It should work if unlocked. If I try to unlock without being connected to internet I am getting. This phone also has a hotspot option which helps me a lot.

Unable to unlock for other then airtel. Do you have a solution for this?

Zte usb modemFree ZTE Modem Unlocking - ZTE unlock codes

You can also choose from paid samples, free samples. But i could not connect to internet. These are for some of the major Nigerian networks.

In simple words broadband is an high speed connection which uses coax, optical fiber, twisted pair or wireless rare to connect your pc with internet. But i will try your above mentioned method and see whether i can get it unlocked. How can i delete this home page can t access internet at all now! You have to create profiles for those networks as explained in the article. Can this be used to unlock Lava G G dongle as well?

ZTE MF190 Idea Unlock Solution

Hey there Dude I appreciate for these great information. Would you give me some opinion in order to unlock this device?

Your software helped me alot. What I mean by the default program is the program from which you connect the modem to your home network. Its not even opening for google search.

Previous Post Next Post Home. Unable to get the device detected, any idea?

You need to go to Program Files, vodafone software for your dongle, collage creation software open the file app. Kindly help me in unlocking my dongle modem. Will you buy another operator dongle?

Unlock ZTE Phone

That was quite simple well written and straight to the point. Help you to be competitive in the market! Please any help to rectify this?

How to Unlock ZTE MF 190 / MF180 / MF110 / MF673u

Actually sim card is on board and there is no slot on the modem. When I rechecked the status of the modem using your program it shows that the modem is unlocked.

Supplier Types Trade Assurance. And can anyone tell me when is india's semifinal match? Thanx for ur assistance for all. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mode?

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Unable to connect to server. Hi Don Caprio, Thank you for sharing this information, it is well explained. Pls Sir, I already generated the code, nd i follow d instruction that i should put another sim into d modem asking for unlock code, with all this effort is not work.

It appears this happens with customized firmwares. And what is a new username and password please? It should mean that the modem is unlocked. Thank you for the quick answer Don Caprio.

Right now it is no more detecting any sim card even glo sims. Your agency is welcomed to come to our factory to pick up the products and we offer free delivery in Shenzhen. You have to create new configuration profiles for other networks in your settings. Plug and play-auto installation. Hi, After unlocking the dongle, can I continue using the same sim card for some more time?