The Secret Garden

Her style is clearly not for the hardcore cynic, but then if you are a hardcore cynic perhaps you should give it a rest. So glad I picked this book to read again, as a good story, well written never grows old. Mary Lennox was born in India.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Colin is in a different league of contrariness from Mary at her worst. She asks Martha for garden tools, which Martha sends with Dickon, her year-old brother. Two, it's surprisingly easy to read the characters of both Mary and Colin as being on the autistic spectrum. It is not the genre, it is the writing.

Read this novel and you will start dreaming about your very own secret garden. The kindly servants ignore her queries or pretend they haven't heard, spiking Mary's curiosity.

The executive producer was Francis Ford Coppola. When Lionel was sixteen, he got really sick during one of Burnett's long trips to England. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource.

Mary is enchanted by the neglected garden, she sees all sorts of possibilities in it, perhaps it would be a great place to set up a fight club. If they are treated with fear and submission, they will turn into tyrants to see how far they can go before they receive some kind of direct attention, negative or positive. The next time you feel like your parents are blowing you off, then, hand them The Secret Garden.

So once more Mary is left on her own, only this time without an Ayah. Mary is orphaned and sent from India to England to live with her uncle, a stranger to her.

The secret garden

Responsibility and care are acquired skills! And while I do realise and even understand that the death of Mr. Well I felt the magic just as I did many years ago.

After a cholera epidemic kills her parents and the servants, Mary is discovered alive but alone in the empty house. Deceptively simple yet full of charm, warmth, sincerity and even goodwill to all man. The servants watch, stunned, as Mr Craven and Colin walk back to the manor together.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is not high literature like Dickens or Austen, but it is a thing of beauty. Colin and Mary soon spend almost every day in the garden, sometimes with Dickon as company.

It's not like romance or fantasy, but the story line is really beautiful and I really enjoyed it. Again, this book speaks Truth concerning the value of attitude and perspective in overcoming perceived problems and finding out that they weren't as bad as you thought they were. This whole book was pure magic and I loved it. But, the writing in this book is flawless.

It's more than the dialogue and the Yorkshire accent most of the characters speak with that makes what they're trying to say almost impossible to decipher for a modern English speaker. And giving in to their tantrums is not helping those sensitive plants grow.

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Overall, however, a lovely novel, subtle and captivating, that stands the test of time, and more. Working in the healthcare field, it's obvious to me that some people find it quite easy to take the role of a victim. Of course I do, either read it or go run about in the sun, it will do you a world of good! Because her Ayah and the other servants feared her mother would be angry if she was disturbed, Mary was consequently given her own way. The secret garden at Misselthwaite Manor is the site of both the near-destruction and the subsequent regeneration of a family.

Open Preview See a Problem? Books can just hit you without any warning. Commonsense, truth and kindness, compassion and a belief in the essential goodness of human beings lie at the heart of this unforgettable story. When he receives a letter from Mrs Sowerby, he takes the opportunity finally to return home. Colin is put into his wheelchair and brought outside into the secret garden.

Here Mary finds the key to the locked garden and eventually the door to the garden itself. This version was mostly in black-and-white, but the sequences set in the restored garden were filmed in Technicolor. In this wonderful world that we live in there are often delightful surprises, discount coupons for our favorite snacks, gift cards, terrific free audiobooks etc.

Mary finally confides that she has access to the secret garden, and Colin asks to see it. Re-Reading The Secret Garden. The only other interesting part is really when Mary discovers the boy who she hears crying in the mansion and when she discovers the secret garden. Soon she comes to enjoy the company of Martha, the gardener Ben Weatherstaff, garden planning software and a friendly robin redbreast.

The Secret Garden

In a swing on the porch or maybe just in the grass. Her Uncle lost his wife ten years ago to a tragic accident and since that time is rarely at the manor, choosing instead a life of solitude while travelling. Mrs Craven died after an accident in the garden, and the devastated Mr. But how can Mary know anything about love, if she has never experienced love?

The Secret Garden

Enchanting super-fast read with a beauty. Until, I read the whole series of J. And if I have to read one more line of Martha talking, I'll lose it.

Inappropriate for a middle-age man like me. Craven locked the garden and buried the key. And that's sad, because it really is a lovely tale. But if I'm being honest, this book got a bit intense for me. Then the boy and father embrace each other and profess love for one another.

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

The story was changed slightly, with Colin's father, instead of being Mary's uncle, being an old friend of Mary's father, allowing Colin and Mary to start a relationship as adults by the film's end. Like they can't even bother to get to really know you? However, the genre is secondary to the writing. For other uses, see Secret Garden. Definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to read an easy classic as I love her writing.

She soon begins to mellow and even find that some people are not so bad. The way the author has described the garden, the creatures, and the nature in general, is heartwarming.

The secret garden