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Ridee Walakulin - Dawena Pipase Film. Pem Mani Bee - Sakunthala. Apa Rata Surakina - Vishnu Devinde. Jeewane Raththaran Ambare.

Eka Dawasaka Awasan Wenawa. Sadu Nadee - Samanala Kanda. Please spend seconds of your valuable time for appreciating and motivating if you find this useful. Posted by Tharindu Madushanka. Hithala Baluwada Loku Nonala.

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Raan Kirilliye Raan Kirilliye. The song didn't make the final cut, as the Indian film composer on the film didn't consider Jothipala's voice good enough. Jothipala would visit tea kiosks to hear music as his family didn't own a radio. Umayanganiyo Sura Lalaniyo.

Jothipala made his debut as a playback singer on Cyril P. John's College in Dematagoda. Kurulu Game Kurulu Gedara. Jothipala has worked with many reputed directors of Sri Lanka.

As soon as news spread of Jothipala's death, people surrounded Ratnams Private Hospital. Pera Agei Magei Kathandare. Awurudu Awa Nawa Awurudu Awa. Mage Jeewithaye Sathu Wee. Jothipala was the undisputed choice in films that were made in the late sixties and through the seventies, the period during which he also began to act.

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Raththaran Sandak Payannai. Ranwan Sina Pa Mano Maligawe. Nane Yannada Oya Dala Man. Ape Jeewitha Me Maha Sagare.

Until death, he sang more than sinhala songs and all of them were popularized equally and many more playbakc songs did not came into arena, due to production failures of films. Sanhinda - Sinhala Keyboard for iPhone, iPad. Some of his top tracks out of thousands of songs Jothi sang are listed below for the referral. Although Jothipala was very talented in his own respect, he was criticised for singing to the tunes of popular Hindi songs, mouna raagam songs particularly of Mohammed Rafi.

The number of people came, was recorded as the most people gathering for a funeral in Sri Lanka, that never happened before in history even in any one's funeral. Papa at Wahini Studio in India. Wasanawe Surangana-Wasana. Usi Usi None-Hitha Mithura. Also it is known that, Jothipala did not refused to give all of his money from his stage singings to a begger or poor people met in road while making way to home after stage singing.

Pera Dinaka Eda Hamuwuye Kothanakado. Lawrence College in Maradana and St. This section does not cite any sources. Apa Rata Surakina Devinde.

Balema Bandune Ale Binduna. Numerous acitivities are still under way throughout the country for his commomorations. Mal Wahi Seethala Mal Wasse.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Jothipala is known as the Singer of Normal People, who born among them, and rendered all his lifetime for poor people's welfare. Kiri Ithirewa Nawa Wasare.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Adare Manikege Adare - Ranata Pahena. Gedara Hitiya Rosa Kekula.

Wimasa Baluwe Koheda Kiya. Ali Naw Ena Kolamba Nagare. Kandu Raten Eha Wananthare. Raththaran Adara Lowakata. Lokaya Peralei - Doi Doi Doi.

Success Jothipala was the undisputed choice in films that were made in the late sixties and through the seventies, the period during which he also began to act. Ada Wessanthara Raja Putha.

Though Jothi was criticized for singing to the tunes of popular Hindi songs he also sang under the batons of Pandit W. Hanga Gal Lene Inna Kumariye. This article needs additional citations for verification. Oba Dakumen Ma Netha Labuwe. Tharu Payana Raye Tharinda.

Upadinna Aye Atha Ganna Mage. Salena Lelena Daluwa Wilasa.

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