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To ensure transactionally safe write-back caches, they must be protected against power outages, host machine failure, and operating system failure. The cache directory and the primary file serve different purposes and require different locations.

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These tune the initial size of a store, and the maximum file size of a particular file in the store respectively. Oracle recommends tuning the store block size to match the block size of the file system that hosts the file store typically for most file systems when this yields a performance improvement. Similarly, governo geral yahoo dating extra precautions must be taken to ensure that no two domains have a store with the same name that references the same directory.

It is safe to delete a cache directory while the store is not running, but this may slow down the next store boot. Oracle recommends using the BlockSize configurable on custom and default file stores instead. If the server is configured for server migration, it should be started automatically in the failover node after the corresponding failover period. If the server using the file store is configured for server migration, always configure the database based leasing option. To create a copy of the locked persistence store file, rename the file, and then copy it back to its original name.

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You may detect undesirable buffering of synchronous write requests by observing high persistent message or transaction throughput that exceeds the physical capabilities of your storage device. Determining the File System Block Size To determine your file system's actual block size, consult your operating system documentation. However, it is unsafe because writes become asynchronous and data can be lost in the event of Operating System or power failure.

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In this case, one small record is stored per block and the remaining space in each block is unused. Write-back caching is not used and performance is limited by larger disk drive latencies.

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Typically, such protection is provided by a battery-backed write-back cache. Certain older versions of Microsoft Windows may incorrectly report storage device synchronous write completion if the Windows default Write Cache Enabled setting is used. Be very cautious, however, when using this option. Multiple application records are packed into a single block only when they are written concurrently.

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If tuning the block size does not yield a performance improvement, Oracle recommends leaving the block size at the default as this helps to minimize use of file system resources. Alternately, tuning the block size to other values such as paging and cache units may yield performance gains.

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