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Further it has certain header level info provided which, though appears trivial, is the first info that a consultant should look for before getting deep into it. Consultant has to review notes to see if any of the notes are available for the issue faced. Once downloaded, search for note again and then double click note number to navigate to note details screen. Realy very helpful document.

Following are the two important notes which need to be implemented in all the system depending on the basis releases. Notes of this category are not discussed further in this document. Few notes will be released to specific customers and they are called pilot release notes and they will be accessible and can be implemented by only those customers. It lists the code corrections that will be done to fix the issue. Before implementing the note in the system, voice recorder please read the note completing and understand if it is valid for your system.

Other way is to perform a code comparison and see which sections of the code were changed. Few notes contain the manual steps to be performed in the system before implementing the note. If the note is already downloaded, system will point to it.

This is a critical info for any note. Hi Krishna, Really its very useful documents. Each note applies to a version and mostly all its predecessor version.

Either ways, there are no code level changes and hence no action required per the note. It is very helpful document. Enter the note number and execute to download. When a code correction is applied per a note, the code that is affected is considered as altered.

Reverting note changes in this case is to again edit the code and put back old version, preferable from a system where the code is not altered or from a backup system. Solution This outlines and then details out the solution approach. Hence this has to be carefully checked before working on the note details. Incompletely Implemented - The note is partially implemented in the system and still some correction instructions of the note need to be implemented in the system. Thank you very much for sharing.

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Short Text Summary of the issue that is being addressed in the note is mentioned here. Click search button on top and enter the note number.

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System applies the note and updates the status whether the note was successfully implemented or not. Valid Releases This is very critical.

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The code correction technical details can be obtained from the info tree on left. Reason and Pre-requisites. How to apply the corrections is discussed in sections below. There are many ways to trouble shoot.

Implementation Status This is a critical info for any note. The Note has the issue details followed by the fix to it. Else, there is one additional step to download it.

Obsolete - The note is already delivered with the support package implemented in the system. More often, consultants end up digging up notes that are irrelevant because the notes are for older versions. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item.

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This outlines and then details out the solution approach. It is easy to notice various icons next to note numbers.

Summary of the issue that is being addressed in the note is mentioned here. Hence the functionalities need to be thoroughly tested after note application no matter how trivial the change is. The note log can be useful to check the implementation of the note and information about the version and date and time of the note implementation in the system. What is that and where is it?

Please note that the best way is to uninstall, if allowed, and apply again. Can be Implemented - Note is valid for your system release and support package level and can be implemented in the system. Technically it revert the code to original state.

SNOTE Note Implementation

For a note that can be implemented, this gives info whether it is completely implemented or not. Can't find the information you are looking for? They visually indicate implementation status for each note. Once found, check for the release versions that the note applies to and ensure that the system where issues are observed are same or predecessors. Later versions will have the issue fixed.