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Old Salikkaya population was at least two times more crowded. Maybe as my father, uncle yunus too was mad at me as I resisted to the arrival of step mother.

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In order for them to continue to dominate me and prevent me to fight domestic injustice they had to prevent my education. My father was totally blessed by Iskender Iskender for creating the hell my mother and l lived through. However, biblia hebraica quinta online dating my grandmother explained to me that the reason of this order of destruction is to upset my mother with my own hand so they could use it to force her to commit suicide!

As my father got me robbed of my career and always backstabbed my resistance against robbery of my career he is the man who caused my on going resistance today! My father almost killed me in the lime pit and made me worse than killing second time when he locked up my mother in the mental hospital just to get another wife!

After showing off her diploma my step mother continued her cruel play with a sneaky hard knock on my nose to make me bleed like a river and then my bed-wetting started again. Therefore I had this mistrust to Ahmet and Mehmet too. Torturer band also spread even more the rumor that l was insane after this action. Uncle Yunus almost crashed and killed me with high speed instead of crashing fountain. But still they loved it as I opened their way.

This masturbation and prayer vicious cycle became a habit and I began to feel extremely sinful and dirty because of my father. Uncle Suleyman Iskender enjoyed a lot torturing me too. The hate my father planted in me caused this justice attempt. They continued brainwashing me against my caring aunt and maternal grandmother.

My father and step mother prevented me to visit my aunt and they never ever gave me a single slice of bread for my lunch for these three years! This was like intentional murder! Their leading guy was Mustafa Ak.

Lame Ahmet immediately stopped assaulting poor Yellow and run away without saying anything. Old village toilets were inside house but the toilet openning was open in the air as droppings are falling in the open pit. My sister Nezahat Iskender preferred to stay with step mother and father and did not stay with us in the winter house. Moreover, this traumatic fall, its shock and pain, and fear of blindness caused me to have accidental bed wetting later on.

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Like it was not enough that they prevented me going to my aunt Hayriye Ak they did not even spare a single slice of bread for the lunch break. Suleyman Iskender amcam bana iskence etmekten de cok zevk alirdi. Because hell is supposed to be all burning alive for eternity for me!

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Zionism always used domestic forces to do its bid in full coordination. Uncle Suleyman had many daughters but never had a son so he used me as security in his house to feel safe. This is how I could resist their abuses. When l was only two I fell in the lime pit due to total neglect. My father joined her campaign calling me insane too.

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My father never divorced my mother in order to keep my mother and her house always in his hand in case my step mother run away. One day old Salikkaya youth came to our new Salikkaya and challenged us at our home. My father became sick due to his back pains and lied alone in the bed in the guest room for months. Around that time my father locked up my mother in the mental hospital again. Strange enough Ruhi Ozmen was extremely friendly to me and many times he came to our house in new Salikkaya and secretly called me to go with him while he was hiding behind the hazelnuts bushes.

It was horrible twist that whatever I do they would portray it as bad. Gladiator also comes from same root.

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My mother did not have any thing to stop my father. So l had my hours of walking and starving days for three years.

My family first tried to prevent my education then excluded me from land sharing by arguing that I lost my land right because I have education, skilled and self-sufficient! So she turned my most innocent sin into a greatest fear of hell and shame.

My father knew it very well and later told me that I needed a surgery for my broken nose! However Fikriye yenge was openly against my step mother and even though my step mother went to her house to watch tv Fikriye would never show up to greet my step mother!

Living as tied to a tree without a nanny all day with feces all over me had massive boost on my growth as a self-reliant man. My siblings also joined my father to prevent my education. Uncle Suleyman was known as very strong man and shed tears with his rage as l beat him in the wrist wrestling years later. As we failed to find the cows in an hour walk we climbed to a safe tree and waited for the morning but had to go back as three or four year old brother Sezai started crying.

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My mother was not even literate like half her female peers. When l told him how horrible my uncle Suleyman tortures me Ruhi Ozmen showed his shiny silver color handgun and let me hold it to boost my spirit against my torturer uncle Suleyman. They used to cook food for workers during hazel nut picking season in summer under this shed. My siblings also excluded me from the sharing of the land.