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Payroll is an intuitive payroll processing application that automates salary payment calculations, includes statutory components and generates payslips. You can update the Salary Configuration Periodically, with salary revisions and apply them for the subsequent pay cycle. For example, if the salary of an employee is raised to Rs. For easy management and availability.

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Android Mobile App Development. Quick links Release notes Help Download Brochure. Learn how to use the payroll software with the help of payroll process demo videos provided, and the Help Pages. This module has been programmed to make these things easier.

Inventory Management Software. The salary, however, does not include annual bonus, retrenchment compensation, encashment of leave and gratuity. Contact Us for Demonstration. This, in turn, wwe raw vs smackdown pc game full version makes the Payroll process smoother. Create your own salary formula by selecting the desired components and their values.

Payroll Management (ESI PF TDS PT) Software India

Reports Module Customized reports can be generated from this report module from a range of criteria. So we provide a report tool that lets you filter, group, and sort about every piece of data in the system. Click here to see our Power point demo. Streamline Reporting Report Library.

Payroll Management (ESI PF TDS PT) Software India

Library Management Software. Salary Formula Configuration Create your own salary formula with desired components. Salary Components may vary depending upon need and business structure.

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The project was delivered on time with no major defects. It can communicate company's expectations effectively. Reports Individual employee payslip and Comprehensive Salary Sheet for all employees.

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However, the employee contributions may differ. Payment gateway integration.

Even Variable components can be easily accommodated in the payroll processing. Custom Solution If you have specific requirements, we can provide a customized solution for you.

You can generate individual pay slips for employees at the end of each pay period. You can add more categories in this record. However, in such a case, the employer is not bound to match the extra contribution of the employee. Click here to see our online demo.

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Reports can not always be standard, there should be options of flexible criteria. They not only do amazing work, but they have taught me quite a bit about process. Recruitment can be done online. In case, the salary goes above Rs. It manages the entire information of the employees from the time they are recruited till the time they leave the company.

Whatever payroll structure your company has, you can configure the application to suit that. You can set due dates and alerts to monitor things closely. Gross salary is described as the total income earned while working in a job, before any deductions made for health insurance, social security and state or federal taxes. Cookies are important to the proper functioning of this site.

Payroll Software is Free to download. Source Code Buy Source Code.

We all know that this is just the beginning of the new relationship and I would look forward closely working with you on future projects. This software comes with most of the requirements of Indian Payroll System. If the gross salary of an employee exceeds Rs. The dashboard gives the latest updates you have made in the software, like the recent employees you've added, files uploaded, or reports created. The salary components can be standard or highly specific to your industry.

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Time and Attendance payroll management software is the only way out to manage attendance efficiently and prevent the loss. The software allows efficient processing for one-time benefits like gratuity and leave-encashment and periodic benefit calculations like for bonus.