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Just as Christianity is apostatizing in doctrine and practice, so it is apostatizing in music. Music The sound of our worship. When the music begins, those warm and fuzzy feelings, or the rush of adrenalin, are not the true spirit of worship. Live from the Land People. Consider that when Israel apostatized, their music and the way they worshipped reflected their apostasy.

They create music for the flesh. This is a very balanced reply. Click here for church locations. Then they could have come dancing out of the Upper Room and entertained the crowd.

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Since widespread heresy is making many churches susceptible to demonic activity, no doubt the music is conducive for it. Adrenalin Worship did not begin with Hillsong, but they have taken it to a new level. And the proof and videos and the articles are all out there for anyone to see. It is a sublte indoctrination with emotionally hyped music to enhance the effect. Instead, He gave them power to be witnesses and to do great works.

The all seeing eye which is Hillsongs backdrop. And I have been researching this and there is plenty of stuff in the modern music that is heretical. Consider that Bethel Music flows from one of the most deceptive New Apostolic Reformation churches, deemed by some to be a cult. By morphing their church into a movie production with a music concert, photoshop full version 7.0 for mac Hillsong has reached the end of the logical road. Revealing the truth of who Jesus is and inspiring us to be used by God.

Our only and burning passion is to build the Church and the Kingdom of God on earth and see the people of our day-to-day being freed to fulfill their purpose and calling. Remember when you play their music you have to send royalties to their cause and you are promoting their cause of deception. TruthKeepers earnestly contending for the faith.

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The article and the responses are encouraging to me, as it has become a challenge to find doctrinally sound worship music. The modern church has willingly discarded that power and opted for Adrenalin Worship as its most powerful tool. There is so much of it that is trance inducing, to aid the hypnosis. That is how the secular music business functions.

Australian Christian Music. Funny the generation that invented rock and roll and real words against the word and spirit of the lord is used as a defense here. If the lyrics need a bit of tweaking to make the song doctrinally sound, then I do it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

You can witness it in Southern Gospel and Black Gospel. Love felt, love known, love experienced and given. Finally, nothing I write or say is going to change it. Where do I go for good worship music?

However, consider that the churches filling up because of the music are mostly drawing nominal Christians at best. If we are in the great and final apostasy, the masses will not alter their focus or methods. Adapting that style of music to Christianity causes an immediate problem of exciting the flesh long before the soul is stirred, if the soul is ever stirred.

He will honor you in it if you do it to bring true glory to Jesus Christ. It is all about what feels good. For me personally, when I am writing a song, I take it straight from the Bible. How can music created in heresy and carnal emotionalism initiate true worship? In the book they openly advocate Christians explore the New Age and Occult to reclaim so called lost treasures knowledge and practises found in the New Age to Christianity.

Resourcing the Body of Christ through fresh songs of worship. Since then, I have been researching my butt off. The world system creates music appealing to secular people.

Also the Hillsong Easter London performance is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He had a Bible right there with him, and I believe he is Baptist. They use voodoo type rythmic drum beats to attain this effect. Hillsong music flows from a church with false doctrine and other serious concerns, including financial accountability.

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God is in us as the Holy Spirit. If you wish for articles on the topic that you mentioned, there are plenty of them on this site. To be fair, I have friends in ministry in the Vineyard who do not embrace these lies and are committed to sound biblical theology and worship.

Any input from the older generation is met with scorn. Most of them will not tolerate conviction or altar calls. Hillsong Channel Welcome Home. The more sensational it became, the more people wanted it. Oceans Where Feet May Fail.

When the music affects the flesh that powerfully, it is impossible to worship God. If it were about instrumentation and style, then the secular world would accept a lot of Christian music based on how it sounds. This link connects past heretical movements including Vineyard with the current Bethel orthodoxy and practice. The youth movement of Hillsong Church, captured through music. What at first appeared as liberty has become a pleasant bondage.

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