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Michael Jackson Music Videos a Complete List

Director Jim Blashfield put together imagery ranging from Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles to a stop action dance with the Elephant Man's skeleton. Among the dance effects included are the anti-gravity lean, an achievement created using wire harnesses and magnets.

And we did it a couple of takes and he was nervous about that. The only way to get it done was to throw manpower and lumber and money at the problem.

Michael Jackson Music Videos a Complete List

The video monitor made us all dancers. Bubbles was not a problem. Nicholas Brandt's second video directed for Michael Jackson is a meditation on loneliness and disconnection.

He was taken by all of that. He stood up to Wesley, and Wesley is a wonderful actor. Michael went through those scenes in the film and he was toe-to-toe with every one of those aators. My choreographer in that video was Fatima Robinson, and the three of us got together and she did the routine with him. Joe Pytka's third and final video for Michael Jackson is one of the few to not feature Michael Jackson himself.

The simple and beautifully filmed video conveys all of the pain of the song's words. We shot it in Harlem, and when he goes home to his apartment, he was very quiet looking around. It is the second directed by Joe Pytkac. It was followed shortly by Michael Jordan, who drove himself. Really nice, he's an absolute professional, even in those days.

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Reportedly it is closely tied to Jackson's real life in which he would head out on to the streets to look for connections with people motivated by an intense loneliness he felt in life. He loved the look of it, that sort of film-noir look, so we used that to get the camera man to light it in a similar way.

Don't miss cameos from Heavy D and Kris Kross. The clip primarily features long lines of people holding hands in various places around the world. There was never any resistance, but questions.

An American Werewolf in London. Local officials in Rio de Janeiro unsuccessfully attempted to ban filming of the video in their city.

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Arrow Created with Sketch. The accompanying video is a phenomenal collection of footage from Michael Jackson's Dangerous tour. When we did this, this was the start of his solo career.

In those days they were done for peanuts. Working with a wide range of top talent, he created innovative video after video.

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Shape Created with Sketch. The lean that we did, obviously that was a bit of a heritage from my days of Superman. There was a guy, he specialized in that splash, and I think he worked on it for weeks. It was really a great vibe. How can these two guys that are really great physical performers be so inept at the other's form?

Michael Jackson Videos

The dance piece was a tribute to Fred Astaire. As a fan, he was always in my life. What feats are we capable of? When I first met him I didn't feel nervous because I kind of felt all my life was leading up to that moment. He is sharply dressed with impeccable dance moves.

Michael Jackson just went in kind of wanting to have fun. Michael Jackson performs with African dancers. Look in any one scene and look how many different things there are going on, so each one of those had to have its own shoot. My takeaway was that I never saw basketball the same way since.

So, Michael and I sat down and just started making a list of things that we could think of. If you look at it, foxyproxy plus there's nothing there but a laser and Michael Jackson.

It seems there is a fine line between romantic pursuit and stalking and different viewers have different reactions to this video. The triple image of him dancing was an innovation in music video for the time. It seemed like a magic trick, like your eyes were deceiving you. He was mostly in one set of clothes. It was a different form for me.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Instead the clip focuses on historical events, figures, and footage of social problems to illustrate the message of making a change in the world by looking first at oneself. The song was used as the main theme for the movie.

Michael wasn't the kind of guy who told you what to do, he would inspire you to go do it with his backing. Eventually he understood that. He was very charming, in that he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say and my opinions about things.

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