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With the flap up, you can pinch it between your middle and ring finger to securely hold the card. Have you noticed that magicians often wear black clothing when performing their tricks? Practice will make the card rise at a steady pace.

What kind of tricks are you interested in

But there is more to it than that. When you are learning, you want to find magic tricks that are easy to understand, learn, and execute.

Join the ranks of champions. Ask the audience members what is under the cup. Run the thread between your first and second finger.

There are lots of ways to be a part of the Magic community, footpath film songs and we're so happy to have you! The disappearing coin is one of the most fun easy magic tricks for beginners. There is no magic wand involved.


All you will need is a paper cup, a piece of paper, a small object like a ball or coin, and of course, a table. Allow them to place their card at the top of the deck. Next, prepare the playing card. Lift the heel of your back foot.

Easy Magic Tricks You Can Learn Today

Spread the rubber band and insert the coin into a small pocket of fabric formed from the stretched rubber band. Make new friends at Magic events at your local game store. Make sure to have adult supervision at all times.

Coin tricks rely on a lot of sleight of hand. In this trick, the magician asks the audience if they think he can cut a hole in a piece of paper that is big enough to walk through. Have the audience member cut half of the deck and place it down. The trick relies on you balancing on one of your feet, so make sure the audience can only see the foot that is closest to the audience.

This is one of the easiest magic tricks to do with household items. It helps pull off an illusion like floating cards. You might have to double or triple the band so it forms a tight ring. Cut out the template as quickly as you can, trying to stay along the lines.

Bring the cup out from under the table in one smooth movement and replace it on the table. So how do you perform this simple trick? Slowly turn your hand over and show the audience that although the cards are upside down, they stay adhered to your hand. The candles will go out and the egg will squeeze up inside of the bottle.

You will want the thread hold to feel taut when you extend your arm in front of you, yet long enough to allow the card to dangle about a foot below your hand. Your tournament is out there. Find your own unique path to victory! Raise the foot facing the audience. Have you ever watched a magician and wondered, how did they do that?

Tips for mastering a magic trick

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We swear this is one of the most fun magic card tricks. The next card will be their card. The answer is a black string. Make sure to keep the flap up. Even if the egg does crack, hilarity ensues.

Easy Magic Tricks You Can Learn Today - Rebel Magic

We have in-depth tutorials for card and coin, easy bar tricks, and the biggest stage illusions in history. Become a master mentalist with our step-by-step tutorials. View our card and mentalism tutorials. Fold it down so that the paper forms a right-angled triangle.

Tips for mastering a magic trick

This is one of the most fun easy magic tricks to learn. The original act uses a hard-boiled egg and a glass milk bottle. They approach strangers and perform tricks right in front of their eyes. In this trick, take an egg and have a spectator try to squeeze it between both hands.


To make the playing card appear to levitate, move your hand away from your body. Fold the top corner of the paper down towards the opposite side. When you place the paper over the object, maintain the illusion that you are putting the cup back too.

Make sure that you or the audience member is not wearing a ring, as that could crack it. Bring out the hand that was holding the coin and allow the handkerchief to fall. In addition, it also serves as a great foundation for which to execute other tricks. It is important to get the length of the thread right as well as the motion that causes the card to rise. Make sure to practice this move a lot before you perform it.

Do not let them examine it since they will discover the secret. Test the egg out yourself first to make sure it does not easily crack. The thread will tighten and the card will rise up under your hand. Let the audience know you have will make the cup disappear instead. They can make even the most shrewd observers baffled in confusion.

Now, place the deck of cards back in the pile, keeping the ace of spades on the bottom. Now, we are on to the famous rising card trick. Start by positioning yourself so that your audience is at a forty-five-degree angle while watching you. By doing so, it appears that the pencil is made of rubber instead of wood.

Connect on Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. Most of the time, people will not notice the flap on the playing card. Make sure that you can easily fold the flap up or down as needed. In order to pull off the magic trick, you will need to hold all ten cards in your hand while keeping your fingers completely flat. For this act, you will need a hard boiled egg, some kind of glass bottle, a few birthday candles, and a match.

What kind of tricks are you interested in

Stage performances are so great because it usually generates the most attention from your audience. Battlebond Details Battlebond. Do you want to learn magic tricks? When you are done demonstrating, turn over the cards and let go of the gimmick card.

Easy Magic Tricks You Can Learn Today - Rebel Magic

With practice and dedication, you too can become an elite illusionist either for hobby or as a career. Use your scissors and cut a flap into one of the playing cards. Play around a bit with the length. Second, it helps to perform in front of a dark background so the thread will blend in.