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Born to a French Jew from Strasbourg and had another birth name but my adoptive parents changed it to a more appropriate name for a Jewish girl through the courts in France. Looking for the right Jewish beautiful good girl who values chemistry, friendship, love, free phone number for dating and a good home. Practice Yoga and meditation. My parents came from the east coast so I appreciate Tex Mex and a good knish.

Must have photo and graduate degree. Im not afraid of being disappointed and find life an adventure. If you wanna know more about me, ask! Recently fond out I had been adopted and never knew.

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Im very politically aware and I speak my mind. My parents are Chabadniks, I am not religious.

My partner was the noncustodial parent so my relationship with them is more like that of an Uncle but I keep in touch with them regularly. One of my passions is to travel and explore new and exciting locations! Terra Mystica is my favorite.

Mitch from the torah hardcore punk band Moshiach Oi! Seuss style and finding a publisher. The last synagogue I attended regularly was reconstructionist. When the sunset is pink and purple, its gorgeous.

My family were not religious, but I would not mind exploring the faith of my forebears. Am not a strict vegetarian but I almost never eat meat or dairy products. When I am not working, I love to travel, bike ride, exercise, attempt to garden, and spend time with friends.

Enjoy opera, classic music, jazz. Everyone should have a soundtrack to their life! Its been shocking to find this out.