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Can i hook up my pc to my imac, use extended desktop mode

You can find adapters at the Apple Store or most stores that sell Apple computers. Connect the external display to a power source, and then turn on the external display. Be sure to check us out on Twitter. Instead, plug both devices into Ethernet ports on your modem or router to get a wired connection. Use video mirroring With video mirroring, all of your displays show the same apps and windows.

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Verify that your iMac has a Thunderbolt port by looking for a lightning bolt symbol beside the port. Purchase the appropriate cable for the monitor and the appropriate Mini DisplayPort adapter to connect the iMac to the cable.

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Both devices include Ethernet ports, which offer two-way communication. When you press this hotkey, the system will remain running, but the display will now be accessible through the Thunderbolt connection of the iMac. Inspect the connection ports on the external display. The only thing you will need for this is a Thunderbolt cable. Computers Use your iMac as an external monitor If you have an iMac made in mid or later, here is how you can use it as an external monitor.

If the iMac was manufactured between and mid, it has a Mini DisplayPort instead. Turn on extended desktop mode Make sure that your external display is powered on and connected to your Mac. You can also change your primary display, which is where your desktop icons and app windows first appear. You can also connect both devices to your home network with Wi-Fi.

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Which iMac monitor cable you need depends on the external monitor you want to connect. However, connecting the devices directly to each other by Ethernet cable will not work, as this would not connect you to your home network.

Use extended desktop mode

Connect the adapter to the iMac, connect the cable to the adapter and then connect the cable to the external display. You might wonder why this is a feature, annex m disabled dating since it bypasses a perfectly good iMac computer to use it as an external monitor. Wait a few seconds for the display to show the iMac's screen. The inch iMac can accommodate two external displays.

Use external monitors with your Mac

In a few moments your iMac will recognize the external monitor, and you'll see your Mac desktop appear on that monitor as well. To arrange your displays, drag one of the displays where you want it. Any of these are compatible with an iMac Thunderbolt port.

How to connect an external monitor to your iMac By Alvin Alexander. To change your primary display, drag the white bar to another display. If your Dock is on the bottom of your screen, it appears on any of your displays when you move your pointer to the bottom edge of your display.

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Can I connect an external monitor to my iMac? Turn on video mirroring Make sure that your external display is powered on and connected to your Mac. After that, it just becomes a matter of how you want to use your iMac dual monitor setup.

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Arrange your displays or change your primary display So that you can move apps and windows across your displays in one continuous motion, arrange your displays to match the setup on your desk. If none are around, then you can use the iMac for this purpose.