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In this manner, the new generation of biomorphs resembled the previously chosen biomorph, dating a musician support group with some variation. The next generation is created by mutating the values of the parent s for the four variables. The user is presented with a number of flowers.

The user picks one or two flowers from a grid of randomly generated animated flowers. The higher the mutation rate, the less flowers in the next generation will resemble their parents. Each turn, each spawner hatches a new petal and turns and sets its color appropriately based on the values for num-colors and turn-increment.

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Once the spawners have all hatched a new petal, each petal simply moves forward its step-size and adjusts its size based on the distance its traveled and its size-modifier. For example, one flower may have bigger petals or be more colorful than another. Commercial licenses are also available.

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The existing petals are then killed off, and the next generation is created. Thus, flowers near the top-left of the model will tend to more closely resemble their parents than flowers in the bottom right.

Since each petal needs to know how far forward to move each time and how large to grow, they have their own step-size and size-modifier that is identical to the spawner's value that spawned them. The idea is very similar, though. If a petal moves outside the box for that flower, it dies. The user may choose between asexual one parent and sexual two parents reproduction.

Then set the mutation rate appropriately. These determine how many flowers are present in the model.

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