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This intense, atmospheric sequel to Arkham Asylum plunges Batman deep into a gothic nightmare from which he will need all his wits, gadgetry and skill to escape. Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition. This game works perfectly in my new macbook pro.

Batman can perform this move with degrees of flexibility, and similar to the Grapple Boost, this tactic can be repeated to keep Batman off the ground indefinitely. Batman is confused at Joker's statement, as he is apparently healthy and had already stolen the cure. The good news is that it hasnt affected my Arkham Asylum game at all knock on wood. For a full list check the Feral support site.

Excluding Off-topic Review Activity. In this explosive finale, Batman faces the ultimate threat against the city that he is sworn to protect, as Scarecrow returns to unite the super criminals of Gotham and destroy the Batman forever. Most Recent Forum Activity.

Batman Arkham Asylum for Mac

Before you buy, expand this description to check the system requirements below. Two other steelbook editions were released featuring the likenesses of Two-Face and The Penguin. Bring back the main forum list. System Requirements Windows. If the original version of the game had a great deal of glitches, they are now completely gone!

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Unfortunately, Joker's poisoned blood has started to take effect, and Batman is greatly weakened. This topic is locked from further discussion. Also Arkham City was the Joker's big sendoff and it was a pretty cool moment.

After Penguin kills one of the cops, Batman vows to take him down. To his dismay, Freeze states he had indeed been able to manufacture a cure, but it was incomplete - it required a restorative chemical in order for it to be properly stabilized. Batman gives Robin a sample of his poisoned blood and tells him to give it to the hospitals in Gotham.

Penguin proceeds to beat Bruce down as revenge for destroying his family, but Bruce manages to fight back, breaking Penguin's hand and breaking his cuffs in the process. Includes Steam Achievements.


In contrast to its predecessor, it can't be upgraded to the Ultra Bat-Claw, though this is not a huge loss as aspects of the environment do not call for such a gadget. He can also counter thrown objects by catching them and throwing back, and he can flip over an enemy and attack another in a fluid movement. When traveling down the line, the player can press a button that will slow down time, allowing for easier line launcher shots. Batman then breaks into Joker's office, where he is fooled into thinking Joker is dead when he sees a Joker dummy attached to a flat-lining vitals monitor. Batman's attacks can knock thugs into each other, potentially taking multiple enemies out at the same time.

Those who try and find out too much about Arkham or Strange one by one mysteriously vanish by night, and it is implied most end up inside the city themselves, to be torn apart by the inmates. Arkham Asylum, returned to write music for Arkham City. After a long fight, Batman is eventually able to take down Grundy after disabling the electricity sources keeping Grundy active, then tearing out his heart. Now with the most recent update it wont even load the game! Some games I swear you just have to invest a bit of time into, while others they start you off with a bang.

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Highly recommended if you never played this game. After completely freezing Clayface, Batman seeming defeats him when he takes Talia's sword and cuts him into pieces. Batman demands that Joker hand over the cure.

Intrigued, Joker agrees, but Talia plants one of Batman's tracking devices onto herself, subtly telling Batman to follow her lead. Estimating that he has only minutes to live, Batman nonetheless forces himself to keep going, his sheer iron will perhaps the only thing keeping him from death. Batman can fire the grappling gun from the first game in mid-glide, beats audio software for pc and use the line to pull himself through the city. Looking forward to the release of Arkham Knight for the Mac next!

Well what are you waiting for? Batman manages to rescue all except two, who were being personally held by Penguin of the remaining undercover cops, and locates the captive Freeze.

Batman Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition on Steam

Arkham Asylum mini-site at feralinteractive. Suddenly, Talia interrupts the fight, and surprisingly offers to give Joker the secret of immortality and make him the new leader of the League of Assassins. Penguin, however, has an ace up his sleeve. Versus Everyone in the office is replaying the Batman Arkham games, so we decided to pit the Caped Crusader's craziest capers against each other to finally determine which one is the best.

Against her better judgement, Catwoman proceeds to rescue Batman with success. Batman can also anchor his line between any two points, and then flip up onto it, balancing in place. She then reveals to Batman that she stole the cure from Harley Quinn.

Catwoman convinces Ivy to allow her to retrieve the plant from the confiscated goods vault. More aggressive players can then choose a target, and swing down using the line, slamming their chosen enemy into the ground. However, he inadvertently causes Batman to drop the vial, shattering it onto the floor. At that moment, a sniper round aimed at Catwoman is fired into the courthouse and misses her by millimeters. Batman watches with pity, and states that, despite all the atrocities that Joker has committed, he still would have saved his life.

Batman proceeds up Wonder Tower and eliminates Strange's personal guards before confronting him in his office. Batman then engages Clayface in a fight, with Batman able to slow Clayface down using the freeze bombs given to him by Mr.