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If the video is not found, we call the HttpNotFound method and return its value. When we load data from the database, we create one or more Video objects that represent the state of the application. When we call this method, bollywood dance remix songs Entity Framework runs a query on the database and pulls out all videos from the database. This approach or workflow is called Database First.

For example, some developers prefer singular names for their database tables. Here both action and id are optional.

Our DbContext takes care of all this complexity. In this step, we added a new action to our controller that returned a view. Note that I named this variable videoInDb to distinguish it from the video object passed as a result of posting the form. Hence, it marks this column as the primary key.

Again, this is one of the classes that is defined in Bootstrap. We can always create a view with a different name, but following the convention helps us write less code to achieve the same thing.

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Here we simply display the Title and Genre of each video. Each of these calls aims to create a table in the database.

A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners

At a minimum, you should be able to write code and have very basic understanding of databases. Now you read the second form-group.

Music Sports Games Marketing. In the last line, we are using the RedirectToAction helper method to redirect the user to the Index action.

Click No, back to the videos. Every web application needs to be hosted by a web server. So, we need to add a new migration. Title, Description and Genre.

The only thing remaining is to actually delete a video from the database. When this link is clicked, display a view with the details of the video to delete. SaveChanges to update the database. Here, btn and btn-primary are both Bootstrap classes that make our buttons look cool and modern. Here we have three sections, each wrapped with a div with a form-group class.

Next, we check to see if the video was found or not, just like before. Title IntelliSense showed you the properties of the video object when you used the dot notation. Clean software is like a well-managed restaurant, where everyone has one and only role.

A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners

Note that the argument to this method is a lambda expression that specifies the criteria. So you never have to worry about it. The first argument is the label for the link, the second argument is the target action, and the third argument is an anonymous object used to supply additional parameters to the route. Then add a few records to this table. You can add this hidden field anywhere here, but my personal convention is to add them before the submit button.

Write the following code inside the view. Preferably, use a local drive and not a network drive. Next, we need to display the list of videos in this view.

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Every person in the restaurant is responsible for only one thing. Add a Delete link in front of each video in the list.


The first line specifies the title of this view. As you see, with this structure, we get a clean separation. If you made it this far, well done.

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